Monday, September 13, 2010

One week until...

I move to the UK! Well, maybe... if my student visa gets here in time! :-P But, it's looking like everything is coming together, and I will be flying to London on Tuesday, Sept. 21. I actually had to move the date back one week, and I hope that is enough time for the visa to show up. If not, well... third time's the charm, I guess. hehe.

Anyway, I am back from my visit to Seattle - it was a good but stressful trip, for a variety of reasons. But all is well. God is good. And here's a little thought that I've been pondering today, courtesy of Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy:

"The acid test for any theology is this: Is the God presented one that can be loved, heart, soul, mind, and strength? If the thoughtful, honest answer is; "Not really," then we need to look elsewhere or deeper. It does not really matter how sophisticated intellectually or doctrinally our approach is. If it fails to set a lovable God... before ordinary people, we have gone wrong. We should not keep going in the same direction, but turn around and take another road.

Theologians on both the left and the right, and those on no known scale of comparison, are all loved by God, who has great things in mind for every one of them. They are our neighbors, and we are to share God's vision and love for them. They need to love God. The theologian who does not love God is in great danger, and in danger of doing great harm, for he or she needs to know God and believe with assurance concerning God."

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BenMc said...

Hey Geoff, Hope you don't mind if I steal that quote for my class. :) Yours, Ben