Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glenn Beck is an anti-Christ...

Notice, I said "an", not "the"... :-) But seriously, this guy is a jerk and does not deserve to be taken seriously by Christians, with comments like this:

It's fine to have an opinion about what constitutes "true" Christianity, but to use a media outlet as a pulpit in this way is no different than using it to beg for money or some other - let's be honest here - sinful, corrupt agenda.

Telling people to leave churches on national television, especially when he is not a Christian minister, or even a Christian believer (he's actually a Mormon), is wrong, and deserving of the title "anti-Christ" as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, and don't even get me started on his terribly misguided, inarticulate theology -- though, since he isn't a Christian, I guess that's a moot point with regard to this post.


Rebekah said...

Oh geez, Geoff. I never took you as one of those.

Geoff Dargan said...

One of what? I just don't like it when people in the media make stupid theological statements -- it irritates me. If Jon Stewart said it, he would be wrong too.

(though, admittedly, I was a bit riled up when I wrote that... ;-D)

Phil said...

Geoff, you couldn't have said it any better and concisely.

Your perspective reminds me of the acumen with which Barth may have responded to Beck's clearly anti-Christlike perspective.

Any person who's read the NT or has taken Christian theology 101 understands that Beck has clearly overstepped his bounds and asked for this response. Same goes for ole Pat Robertson and his fallacious and disgusting theological perspective. Theology matters!

Further more, I like how you qualified your point very specifically from a theological perspective. I think you're right...