Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bonhoeffer on church growth...

"It must be considered a backward step when the house-churches [I wonder: and independent community churches?] increase in number at the expense of the local parish churches. This indicates a lack of creativity by the church-community, and a flight from the gravity of the historical situation. The growth of both forms ought to go hand in hand. Attempts at church renewal, such as the Pietist community movement, ought to increase rather than sap the lifeblood from the institutional church."

In one fell swoop, Bonhoeffer appears to have put his finger on, and critiqued, the essence of both the 'emergent' and the 'mega-church' models, and well beyond. But how to deal with this apparent "lack of creativity," as Bonhoeffer calls it? Any ideas/responses?


BenMc said...

Great quote!

I think one way to think about creativity is in terms of participation. Are people able to participate in some level? Like Paul tells the people to bring things to the worship service. If everyone is bringing something then I think the spirit's active there, whatever the organization (or lack thereof) above them.

Anonymous said...
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