Monday, December 14, 2009

Kathryn Tanner on the consistency of God's grace...

This is a challenging collection of thoughts from Tanner's book "Theories of Culture":

"God is one and God's intentions for us are marked by consistency and faithfulness, but such unity, consistency, and faithfulness are much odder than anything captured by claims for continuity among Christian practices in virtue of shared traditional materials or claims for continuity in the processes that transmit them.

Even should the human response to God be properly obedient, this God is one who works by the reversal of human expectations - a God who in Jesus dies rather than triumphs, and then, equally unexpectedly, is risen from the dead - a God who, without being untrue to covenant partnership with Israel, brings Gentiles into the people of God without requiring their observance of Jewish law. There is consistency here - the consistency of a God of free grace - but it is a consistency that, because it could not have been predicted in advance, appears to be such only in retrospect."

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Paul said...

Hi Geoff,

This is a much-belated reply to your comment on my review of Zizek and Milbank--teaching responsibilities caught up with me! Anyway, I appreciate the feedback. To answer your question: my research tries to blend poetics and philosophy in a reading of American and modernist literature. I'm writing a dissertation on the endless poems of the last 150 years. I'm also very interested in critical theory, hence the writing on Zizek et al.

Again, thanks for reading. Feel free to email me sometime for further conversation.