Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A bit of economic theory for this holiday season... :-)

"Pluralism is but a facade for the transvaluation of all practices, institutions, dispositions, and relationships into commodities that can be exchanged in the global market. A pluralist regime stipulates that choice per se is the highest good, and therefore it is committed to excluding any way of life that is 'postulated upon nonconsumerist conceptions of human fulfillment...'

[E]very thing and every body is packaged as a product to be consumed (including marriage, having children, and making friends), and the exchange value of these products is determined by their market share, that is, their ability to satisfy consumers... Substantive understandings of the human good such as that traditionally embodied in the life and language of the church are summarily dismissed as restrictive practices."

(Barry Harvey - "Can These Bones Live?")

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