Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow... (shakes head in disbelief)

Just saw a new commercial for the Discover Card... announcer says:

"We are a nation of consumers... and there's nothing wrong with that. There's so much cool stuff out there to buy..."

Ummm... I guess I really have to hand it to the writer(s) of the commercial -- they have definitely gotten past all the fluff and right to the point. But a part of me just feels really lousy... Want the truth about our culture? There it is. Great. And we've all been sucked in. Ugh.


BenMc said...

I think this is a prime example of the co-conspiritorial "everybody knows, so why bother fighting it" tone of voice that shows up in advertising and comedy that shocks you if you take a step or two back. Reminds me of a David Brooks op-ed about "retail therapy" recently. Got a divorce? Buy something to feel better! Bored? Buy something to enliven your life! I know that voice very well because it's gotten deep inside me. Phil Vischer's blog has some observations on his recently Disney World trip that show the anxiety behind all this.

Phil Higley said...

That's pretty sad. I saw that commercial as well. In addition to that, I saw a coffee stand the other day that had this sign: "We Are Family Friendly!" That's sad too! It's stuff like this that makes me go hmmmmm--and then barf, hehe.