Sunday, August 31, 2008

Caputo on Jesus' crucifixion and theo-politics...

Although I have a few reservations about the following statement from a theological perspective, I think that the challenge posed is nevertheless quite important... curious to hear others' thoughts on this:

"The crucified body of Jesus proposes not that we keep theology out of politics, but that we think theology otherwise, by way of another paradigm, another theology, requiring us to think of God otherwise, as a power of powerlessness, as opposed to the theology of omnipotence that underlines sovereignty. The call that issues from the crucified body of Jesus solicits our response, for it is we who have mountains to move by our faith and we who have enemies to move by our love. It is we who have to make the weakness of God stronger than the power of the world."

(John D. Caputo, from "What Would Jesus Deconstruct?")

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BenMc said...

Dangit, looks like Blogger lost my last comment. Basically: first half fits with most everyone else, second half overly emphasizes our effort and doesn't seem to realize that resurrection change comes at a point of complete powerlessness and mountains are moved by saying to them move, not by grabbing a shovel and all your friends and working at it.

The second half is about "building the Kingdom" when the better phrase would be "building FOR the kingdom" and letting God fit the efforts into his larger picture.