Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy summer...

So, I've gotten busy with a variety of projects this summer... First, I'm teaching again for a couple of different summer school program/mes (choose your spelling depending upon location ;-D), and that's been great both for experience and $$.  Also, I finished recording some new music a couple weeks ago, which I will soon (hopefully) be making available for the world -- or at least the few people who are interested -- to hear.  I am working, slowly, on a paper that I will be presenting at the 2012 Soren Kierkegaard Conference in Copenhagen... that happens from August 21-24, so I've got to finish that!

But, at the moment, I also have to finish an article for the Kierkegaard Resources series.  I had been delaying that to work on other things.  But I received an email saying that the publisher wants to get things rolling, so I have to get it done in the next few days!  So... all that to say, I'm feeling a bit busy right about now!  All good things, of course, but it does mean I don't have time to do things like update this blog regularly.  Not that I've been doing a good job of that, anyway.  But, I like making excuses. ;-)  hehe.  Ok, back to work!

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