Sunday, April 22, 2012

The threat of biblicism...

"The reason why a strict and narrowly understood biblicism is intrinsically impossible is that it does not take account of this situation, that is to say, of the essential historicity of proclamation and theology.  Such biblicism supposes that the only suitable method of proclamation and theology would be 'simply to hold fast to the language of the Bible.'  I do not wish to deny that such a requirement attempts to give expression, in an unreflective way, to a desire which must altogether be affirmed.  If, however, we are seeking clarity in our method, our efforts are threatened by biblicism as a principle because it limits itself essentially to the language of the Bible and fundamentally ignores the historicity of proclamation and theology.  Biblicism in this sense poses the most serious kind of threat..." (Gerhard Ebeling, "The Problem of Historicity")

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