Monday, February 13, 2012

Pattison on theological possibility...

"In a theological perspective, to say that God is creator is to say that he is the one who brings about both actuality and possibility. God, in other words — and no matter what problems this statement makes for developing a meaningful theological discourse — is prior to both actuality and possibility: each reflects only an aspect of the absolute, eschatological reality that God is, which, being eschatological, is not (yet) available to us as an object of knowledge. If the world determines the horizon of actuality within which alone human life can be lived, i.e., if it is the ground of everything that is or that can be, then the actuality of the world cannot itself be determinative for the absolute actuality of God which, in this sense, is a kind of actuality beyond actuality..."

(from God and Being by George Pattison.)

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