Sunday, November 21, 2010

rough week...

Well, it's beginning to really get cold, gray, and rainy here in Oxford, so I guess it's the perfect time for me to catch a bad cold. Ugh. I've been knocked down since about Tuesday, and I'm just getting a bit better... prayers appreciated. :-)

Of course, I am thankful that I don't have anything that I have to get done right away, but it has certainly slowed down my reading output -- that is what really matters right now, I'm discovering. I just have to read and read and make notes on what I'm discovering, so that I can go to my supervisor next term with a rough outline of my research, including a table of contents and a sample essay. That isn't too difficult a task, but right now it feels daunting. I guess once I'm back to 100% I'll feel differently.

Other than that, things in Oxford are fine. Just a lot of sitting, reading, and thinking about theological connections. And trying to look for all sorts of hidden funding sources. Hope you are all doing well, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff, not sure what to say but to let you know I am reading your blog. Hang in there! - Roy