Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three principles for interpreting Scripture per Kevin VanHoozer...

While there is, of course, much more that could be said, and much work that needs to be continued, with regard to our interpretation and understanding of Scripture, VanHoozer's outline here seems to be right on:

1. Theological interpretation of Scripture is God-centered biblical interpretation, a way of reading the Bible to hear the Word of God. As such, it is a matter of "first theology," for our doctrine of God affects our view of Scripture and our view of Scripture affects our doctrine of God. All exegesis is governed by presuppositions that are ultimately theological.

2. There is no more important task for the church than theological interpretation of Scripture (because of what this involves), and it is a task that must involve the whole church and the whole seminary (e.g., all the theological disciplines).

3. Theological interpretation of Scripture must involve the whole person (all the "personal disciplines," including the intellectual and the spiritual). It is related to spiritual and intellectual and imaginative formation. Scripture forms the whole person.

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