Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mark Taylor on signification and Altizer on nihilism...

"The distinction between signifier and signified is actually a product of consciousness itself. Though not always aware of its own activity, consciousness attempts to give itself a criterion by which to judge itself... That to which consciousness points is always already within consciousness itself. This analysis of the relationship between signifier and signified overturns the traditional understanding of signification... the signified is a signifier. Consciousness, therefore, deals only with signs and never reaches the thing itself." - Mark Taylor

"When the heavens are darkened, and God disappears, man does not stand autonomous and alone. He ceases to stand. Or, rather, he ceases to stand out from the world and himself, ceases to be autonomous and apart. No longer can selfhood and self-consciousness stand purely and solely upon itself: no longer can a unique and individual identity stand autonomously upon itself. The death of the transcendence of God embodies the death of all autonomous selfhood, an end of all humanity which is created in the image of the absolutely sovereign and transcendent God." - Thomas Altizer

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