Monday, November 10, 2008

quote of the week...

"As soon as God starts holding your hand and says that everything you are doing is fine, and 'I am with you in your complacency,' then the game is up." - philosopher David Wood


Anonymous said...

But that is exactly what the christian god-idea is about.

The parental father-christmas good luck god who protects and looks after all of his CHILDREN.

Jesus looking after his flock of children, and thus preventing them from ever growing up and accepting responsibility for their actions and presence in the world.

Plus the concept of "original sin" adds to this pernicious doctrine. We are incapable of true responsibility because of this "fall" way back WHEN.

As does the usual catholic confession. Say a few hail mary's but nobody really expects or demands that you change your action be completely straight from now on.

Thus the church "authorities" maintain control of the flock.

Geoff said...

actually, no, that isn't what the Christian "god-idea" is about... but that IS what God been turned into by a lot of people who call themselves his children. I think that's Feuerbachian self-idolatry, personally.