Sunday, March 9, 2008

more Ricoeur...

"Who can accept himself without qualification, concretely, daily? It is here that suffering acquires its philosophical significance, as the impossibility of coincidence with oneself; it introduces into the self a specific negativity, in the sense that necessity is now lived not only as affecting, but as wounding: I am not at home in my own nature.

That is why, in return, freedom remains the possibility of not accepting myself, of saying no to what is negating; consequently, the active denial of freedom arouses the diffuse negativity of my condition. And I do not understand by suffering only physical pain and interpersonal sorrows but also, at all levels of the involuntary, the sadness of aging, of being ‘overstretched’ by time, of being misshapen, finished. With suffering, the mode of the failure of unity is the scandal."

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