Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the human dignity of faith...

"To receive from God in faith is the height of human dignity. 'Human Dignity!?' someone may ask, raising eyebrows in puzzlement or even protest. 'It feels like faith diminishes us! It seems to underscore our inability rather than our power.' But that feeling of diminishment and humiliation comes from wrongly conceiving our relationship to God... Our power to be and to act comes from God. Faith merely recognizes this.

Hence faith doesn't tell us how little we are and what we can't do. On the contrary, it celebrates what we most properly are - God's empowered creatures - and it frees us to our greatest accomplishments... Faith is an expression of the fact that we exist so that the infinite God can dwell in us and work through us for the well-being of the whole creation. If faith denies anything, it denies that we are tiny, self-obsessed specks of matter who are reaching for the stars but remain hopelessly nailed to the earth..." - Miroslav Volf

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