Monday, January 22, 2007

long live the metal...

hehe... so when I was younger, I listened to a lot of heavy metal, and although my tastes are much broader now, I still find myself enjoying it once in a while... like right now, as I'm experiencing nostalgia listening to the newest Iron Maiden and some old Soundgarden stuff. Say what you want, Chris Cornell once had the knack for a clever turn of phrase ("lookin' California and feelin' Minnesota...").

In related non-theological news, evidently the drummer for Iron Maiden became a Christian several years ago. That's almost the definition of irony, isn't it? :-) Still, you gotta hand it to them, 30 years later, all the original members, still going strong... eeyyaaaaaahhh!

(plus, it's nice to know that God is even at work in the lives of those "evil metalheads"!)

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